Some probing questions related to Software testing

In my exploration of software testing, I posted some questions on LinkedIn to learn more about them. When I revisited those questions posted, They became great learning resources for me. And I thought it might become a good learning resource for all testers.

I like to mention all those questions posted on LinkedIn in this short blog. I hope everyone benefits from this short blog. Don’t hesitate to share any feedback after reading it.

  1. How do you practice risk analysis?
  2. What do you mean by Software Quality assurance?
  3. How are you sharpening your bug hunting skills?
  4. Does test automation help you in finding bugs? If yes, how?
  5. How you are sharpening your questioning skills?
  6. When testing any software, what type of bugs do you find often?
  7. An error message display check can be automated. But is that error message understandable to user?
    Is it possible to automate user’s understanding?
  8. How an exploratory tester can use his/her coding knowledge apart from automation if he/she learns to code?
  9. How many of you read research papers in the domain that you are testing and in software testing? How it is useful in your work?
  10. Do you know about common software bugs from any software that can be observed?
  11. As a tester, How do you prefer to take notes during testing in a session?

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