My articles

  1. What is software testing really? Who are software testers?
  2. Testing from end user perspective
  3. Thoughts on automation in software testing
  4. Thoughts on “How business knowledge help testers to test software?”​
  5. Do Testers read research papers?
  6. Even Programming languages have bugs
  7. My Journey as a software tester
  8. What is Test Design exactly?

My talks

  1. Testerspeak Balaji Santhanagopalan
  2. Balaji S on Lessons learned from Rapid Software testing
  3. Participated in a meetup on Career Conversations – Testing Career and Various Opportunities

My skills

  1. Exploratory testing
  2. Python Programming
  3. Automation using Squish Qt
  4. Agile methodologies
  5. Simulation tool : Matlab and Simulink
  6. Simulation tool : Scilab and Xcos
  7. Simulation tool: Simcenter Amesim